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The Iraq Inquiry

Yesterday, Sir John Chilcot finally published his report on the Iraq War.

All 12 volume of the Chilcot report

Seven years in the making, the report is more than 2.3 million words, over 12 volumes.

The report looked into every aspect of the Iraq War, from the decision to go to war, the war itself and the war’s horrific aftermath.

The conclusions are damning. 

Tony Blair & George Bush

Rennie: Iraq report “shines a bright light on this dark period”

Speaking in response to the long-awaited publication of the Chilcot Report, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Willie Rennie MSP said, “This thorough report shines a bright light on this dark period of our country’s impact on the world. With the praise from victims’ families, Sir John Chilcot shows the utter failure of Tony Blair’s government in decision making, preparation and execution of the Iraq War. 

Our Leadership Team

Scottish Liberal Democrats have punched above our weight over the last five years at the Scottish Parliament and the team announced today will help ensure that we continue to lead the agenda.
Our party is full of talented people and I am delighted that…

The Tories have taken their eye off the ball

This extremely bare Queen’s Speech is all about managing the divisions within the Conservative Party and very little to do with meeting the challenges facing our country.

Twelve months after a winning a general election where they promised to focus on the economy and public finances, David Cameron’s government is already running out of steam. This Queen’s speech ignored the big challenges we face on education, housing, investment, skills, and the environment.

CAP Payments are an absolute shambles

One of the biggest scandals of the last couple of years has been the ongoing saga of delays to a new computer system that is supposed to ensure that farmers receive crucial EU payments on time.

Deadlines have been missed and missed again. The budget has ballooned by more than £70 million. And at the end of it all, we still don’t know whether we will have a working system by the EU deadline at the end of June. Farmers across Scotland are yet to get the money they are owed.

Farmers across Scotland are yet to get the money they are owed.

China deal timeline: what is Nicola Sturgeon hiding?

In March Nicola Sturgeon signed a deal with two Chinese companies that could be worth up to £10bn. But she didn’t tell anyone about it. 

This is unusual. The SNP government usually would put out a press release about the opening of an envelope. But days after the deal was signed, the top news stories on the government website were on changes to dog fouling fines and an update on the Scottish beaver population.

Soon afterwards, newspaper reports linked one of the firms involved with corruption and human rights abuses. Now the Scottish Government say they won’t publish correspondence on the controversial agreement until after the election.

People are asking “what else does Nicola Sturgeon has to hide?”

The Tories put party before the Union

As the Holyrood elections get closer and closer, I have become increasingly bemused that Ruth Davidson and others have sought to claim that the Conservatives are somehow the authentic opposition to the SNP.
It jars starkly with my experience when gover…

Be the best again

This morning I joined some of our candidates and their children to launch our manifesto for the 2016 election.

The title of the manifesto is “Be the best again”. That is our ambition for Scotland.

Huge questions to answer over Chinese deal:

The saga over a £10bn Memorandum of Understanding between the Scottish Government and two Chinese construction giant has grown murkier and murkier by the day.

First – the deal wasn’t announced to the Scottish Press, only in China. That was revealed on Sunday and Willie took the Transport Minister to task about it on Monday’s Scotland 2016:

£108 million extra investment in colleges

We want Scottish education to be the best in the world again. That means building Scotland’s colleges back up to where they were before the SNP began butchering further education budgets. Over the last nine years, we have lost 152,000 college places. This has hit...

Time to end delays on Scottish Film Studio

The failure to establish a national film studio in Scotland is fast becoming a national scandal. It is high time for Scottish Ministers to stop dithering and take action. My preference would be for the location to be in Cumbernauld, close to Stirling Edinburgh and...
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