Why we believe in radical drug reform

Today we called on the Scottish Government to adopt a radical new approach to drug misuse and reverse its 20% cut to support services after new figures showed drug-related deaths increased to their highest ever level in 2015. 

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Why are we worried about ANPR?

Today we called upon the Scottish Government to act seriously over the concerns about Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) after we revealed that Police Scotland had over 850 million records. But what is ANPR and why should we be worried? 

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The Iraq Inquiry

Yesterday, Sir John Chilcot finally published his report on the Iraq War.

All 12 volume of the Chilcot report

Seven years in the making, the report is more than 2.3 million words, over 12 volumes.

The report looked into every aspect of the Iraq War, from the decision to go to war, the war itself and the war’s horrific aftermath.

The conclusions are damning. 

Tony Blair & George Bush

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Rennie: Iraq report “shines a bright light on this dark period”

Speaking in response to the long-awaited publication of the Chilcot Report, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Willie Rennie MSP said, “This thorough report shines a bright light on this dark period of our country’s impact on the world. With the praise from victims’ families, Sir John Chilcot shows the utter failure of Tony Blair’s government in decision making, preparation and execution of the Iraq War. 

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Our Leadership Team

Scottish Liberal Democrats have punched above our weight over the last five years at the Scottish Parliament and the team announced today will help ensure that we continue to lead the agenda.
Our party is full of talented people and I am delighted that…

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